Surface Modification with Corona Treatment

When we want to stick two things together, sometimes it can be difficult to get [...]

Corona Treating: What is Overtreatment and Plasma Etching?

Overtreatment can be costly to your company and product. It is easily avoided following the [...]

Corona Treater Maintenance

As with any industrial equipment, a good maintenance schedule helps extend the lifespan of the [...]

The Truth about Dyne Pens

Attending industry trade shows has given me a lot of insight into the printing industry [...]

Basics of Web Corona Treaters

Surface treatment definition: “The modification of the surface to increase surface tensions resulting in better [...]

Corona Treatment Lab for Printing and Adhesion Advice

QC Electronics has established an elite corona treatment laboratory for the corona treatment of samples, [...]

Dyne Testing Procedure

Follow this procedure to ensure successful dyne testing when treating to improve adhesion of inks, [...]

Top Ceramic Electrode Supplier

QC Electronics proudly possesses the largest ceramic electrode inventory in the world.  Ceramic electrodes are [...]

Seamless Press Integration for Narrow Web Processes

QC Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of corona treatment equipment.  Our corona [...]

Wettability and Corona Treatment

Corona treatment is a surface modification process that uses a plasma and flame corona field [...]

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