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The Advantage – Narrow Web

A fierce press needs a fierce corona treater. Give your printing or labeling process the Advantage.

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best in class

Swinging Assembly

The only narrow web corona treater to boast a non-fixed assembly.


easy installation


Leave the difficult parts to us. It’s our job after all.


Science of Airflow

Compact + Reliable

Yes, we said those words together – and we can prove it.


Guaranteed performance

Quality Craftmanship

Not a marketing tactic, seriously tough + robust.

corona treater for printing and labeling
high performance

Best of Narrow Web

Our narrow web corona treaters are designed to protect themselves from the rigors of high-speed production. The replicated mid-wide web product maintains the reliability and longevity true to QC corona treaters.

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maximized efficiency

High Power Density Electrodes

Highest power electrodes available to the market with the lowest consumable replacement rate. Plus, check out how easy it is to thread.

perfectionist programming

Precise Control of Treatment

The station is constantly verifying its parameters to ensure a precise and consistent watt density. Uniform corona treatment has never been easier.

easily manage your treatment

Loss of Treatment Indicator

Simplify the process – is the light green? You’re treating. Red? Check the line. This feature allows your supervisors to manage from a distance.

around the clock reliability

High Speed Treatment

Efficiently and effectively achieve treat levels at maximum line speeds. We build around your requirements.

prewired + mounting brackets

Press Integration

A plug-and-play design allows for a quick installation with minimal disruption to your existing production process. Custom mounting brackets also available for unique placements (left image is custom press riser brackets).

empower your people

Smart Technology

Empower your operators and supervisors alike with features like watt density control, recipe programming with operator lockout, and automatic air gap adjustment.

built for printing and labeling

Some benefits

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Unique Corona Discharge

Expertly formulated for above-average results.


Smart Features

Watt density control, recipe programming, operator lockout and more.


Proprietary Tech

Optimized power output, improved performance and reliability.


Humidity Resistance

Designed to remain cool in unforgiving climates.



Requires less maintenance and spare parts than conventional corona treaters.


Environmentally Conscious

Reduce your environmental footprint with QC corona treaters.


Conductive materials

Nonconductive materials

Thicknesses up to 90 mil

Seamless press integration

Fieldbus communication

Watt density control

Locked or variable frequency

Load sensing and matching


Foolproof air gap adjustment

Operator lockout

Recipe programming

Loss of treatment indicator


Treat width: customizable up to 24″

Thicknesses up to 90 mil

Single or double sided treatment

Power supply sized by engineers

Max line speed matched

Multiple electrode configurations

High power ceramic electrodes

Electrodes per assembly: 2, 3, or 4 per treat side

Prewired for easy installation

Customer specified voltage requirements

Single or three phase models

Ground roll coatings available

High voltage switching

Skip treating


Fully customizable

Tired of burnt up components and ozone corrosion?


With unique technology, QC treaters deliver higher treat levels with lower operational temperatures than standard corona treaters.


Superior airflow management evacuates ozone better than standard corona treaters.


Other manufacturers use low grade fiberglass and other materials prone to heat damage. We use only top-quality, high rated materials.

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More than a manufacturer

We cultivate real relationships in this digital age. We pause and listen.

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real people

Good listeners

Listening is a valuable skill. We practice good listening to drive above average results.

decades of service

Experienced Team

Experience is one of those things that only comes with time and completed projects. We have both.

friendly and responsive


The importance of positivity is sometimes lost in business. We take pride in our positive attitude and optimistic outlook.

rooting for you


We are people who work late to get what needs to be done, done. Our passion allows dedication to flow naturally.

Free Samples

With our state-of-the-art corona treaters and expertise, you can trust that your materials will receive the most fine-tuned results per your application. Contact us today to request samples.

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our promise
Guaranteed Performance


Surface Energy

QC customers have peace of mind knowing that their materials will adhere properly and consistently.



We utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment and techniques to ensure the most accurate and reliable results.



Rapid response times, expert technical support, and ongoing training and education for customers.

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