Corona Treatment Lab for Printing and Adhesion Advice

surface treatment laboratory allows qc to give customers detailed information about the molecular structure of their material and how that applies to their adhesion results when printing or adhering to papers, films, and foils.

QC Electronics has established an elite corona treatment laboratory for the corona treatment of samples, extensive material analysis and consultation.  QC’s laboratory consists of a brand new 48″ QC sheet corona treatment system (converts to bare roll or covered roll depending on application), top-of-the-line material characteristic measurement devices for pre and post-treatment material analysis, and various dyne testing devices.  Our measurement devices are brand new to the industry; making QC’s lab the most broad-based corona treatment laboratory available to the converting and flexography industry in 2021.  This lab service is free of charge to new and existing QC customers.

QC’s lab team will present you with a detailed material analysis, treatment report, molecular changes of the material report, consultation for understanding the elements of the reports provided, and advice on how to achieve the best adhesion results based on the customer’s material, application and process.  QC has the capability and expertise to understand and produce results for difficult-to-treat and complex materials. QC’s corona treatment lab is the only lab that produces this level of detail.  QC is in the process of developing a new plasma treater for our lab as well; we are expecting to release this product to the industry in early 2022.

QC’s corona treatment lab is equipped with the devices necessary to fully understand your material’s properties.  This information guides our customers in developing the highest possible quality of product.  Our equipment allows us to analyze your material before and after treatment and recognize the process that exudes the best wettability and adhesion results.  Our equipment also shows QC customers detailed molecular changes the material experiences pre and post-treatment to fully understand the material’s properties and vital information determining how your product reacts to the treatment.

QC has helped numerous customers better understand their material, how the molecular structure changes with corona treatment, and how that applies to their printing and adhesion results.  The end goal of our sample process is to give our customers the necessary information and tools to make their printing process more profitable.  QC regularly works with industry leaders around the world.

Contact for more information on QC’s sample services and capabilities.

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