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Data Collection

We begin by working closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and production requirements. From there, we develop a customized testing plan to ensure that our corona treaters are providing the desired level of treatment for the materials being used.



Our testing process is rigorous and thorough, and we use advanced measurement techniques to ensure that surface energies are at the appropriate level for each application. We also work closely with our customers to identify any issues or deviations from the desired results, and we take swift action to address these issues and provide solutions that meet their needs.



Through our testing processes, we are able to provide a guarantee of adhesion for our customers. This guarantee serves as a promise that our corona treaters will deliver consistent, reliable results for their unique applications, helping to ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards and perform as intended.

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analyze and optimize your material’s properties for better adhesion

Get Clear on Your Goals

Our laboratory offers extensive material analysis and consultation to improve adhesion and corona treatment for your samples. We have a 48″ QC sheet corona treatment system that can be converted to a bare roll or covered roll depending on your application, KRUSS material characteristic measurement devices, and various dyne testing devices. Our expert lab team provides a detailed material analysis, treatment report, and consultation to help you achieve the best results for your material, application, and process. Our state-of-the-art devices analyze your material before and after treatment, showing you the molecular changes and how it affects your product. Best of all, this laboratory service is free of charge to new and existing QC customers. Contact us at sales@qcelectronics.com for more information on our sample services and capabilities.

Benefits of Lab Testing

By understanding the science behind adhesion, we are able to develop innovative solutions that provide our customers with the highest quality treatment and improved adhesion for their products.