Your corona treatment experts since 1988

QC Electronics, Inc. engineers, designs and manufactures a complete line of corona treatment equipment.  Our team of experts will consult with you to ensure you install a system perfectly suited for your application’s need.

what we offer

With more than 32 years of specialized experience in the manufacture of corona and plasma surface treatment systems, QC Electronics offers superior surface treatment technology.  We provide new equipment, upgrades, retrofits, electrodes, rolls, coatings and much much more.

QC Electronics corona treaters are designed for harsh environments. We treat any substrate and will be happy to work with you developing corona treatment equipment that increases the surface energy of your substrate.

You’ve heard about smart phones, of course, right?  Well, what about “smart” corona treaters?

QC Electronics is a unique manufacturer of corona treatment equipment.  Not only do we manufacture patented corona treaters, we also offer upgrades and retrofits for your existing systems – any make or model.

We are your one-stop solution for service and support!  Whether you are installing a new corona treater or upgrading/replacing your existing equipment to achieve higher dyne levels and even treat you can rely on QC!