Corona Treater Generators

Our team of engineers will match the correct power supply size to your corona treater in order to provide you with maximum power output.  Our modular power supply technology is based on over 30 years of experience in power supply service, design and manufacturing.

Our power supplies use SCR technology rather than IGBT.  Unlike IGBT, SCRs can withstand short circuits as in pin-holed electrodes and roll coatings without damaging high-power components in the power supply.  One of these components is a trip circuit to put the power supply in the off-state if a short circuit is detected.  Our SCR technology has also proven to produce higher dyne levels with faster line speeds.  Our power supplies are guaranteed to produce the highest power density of any corona treating power supply on the market. This technology is only available through QC Electronics.

All of our units can perform in 132°F ambient temperatures.


  • New advanced electronics eliminate the need for a factory service engineer on-site; all maintenance can be handled over the phone.
  • With the purchase of a spare parts kit, any member of your maintenance team can repair the power supply.  Unlike most machinery, our power supply requires no on-site field service.
  • As always, we offer 24 hour support with available technicians.
  • Automatic load matching: senses what the load is and automatically adjusts.
qc power supply with touch panel

Our latest investment was the complete redesign of our NEXTGEN-i power supply.We developed the new design with a focus on new capabilities, longevity, and ease of operation in mind.The power supply is now controlled by an advanced operating platform using FPGA control.This allows the system to be more efficient and customer centric.The power supply is completely touch controlled; this allows you to access important operation information and run quick glance diagnostics.