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Each type of web corona treater serves it’s own purpose. Allow us to guide you.

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Widely used in printing, laminating, and coating applications, QC bare roll corona treaters are considered the workhorse of the industry for their versatility and effectiveness. Trust in our expertise and upgrade your surface treatment process with QC’s superior technology.

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Blown and Cast Film

QC’s TNT (Touch N’ Treat) corona treater features segmented metal electrodes to allow lane treating. QC’s metal electrode configuration is patented technology (patent number 6624413). Commonly installed on blown and cast film lines.

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Printing and Labeling

Printers know the importance of presenting quality labels and prints to their customers. Label printers require a quality label that catches the eye of the customer. Investing in a QC narrow web corona treater for your press is a vital piece of the puzzle to a quality label.

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Benefits of Installing a QC Web Corona Treater

Investing in a QC web corona treater provides you with the benefits of high production power with low downtime and maintenance requirements.

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