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The Docu-Dyne

Our laboratory corona treater, the Docu-Dyne, is a cutting-edge device purpose-built for corona treating samples in an R&D setting. With the ability to corona treat a wide range of sample substrates, the Docu-Dyne is a versatile tool for enhancing product development. Its compact design ensures that it can be deployed in virtually any laboratory setting, enabling you to test the adhesion of your product and obtain the precise results you require prior to scaling up production.



Why lab corona treatment?


Investigate the effects of corona treatment to optimize adhesion, wettability, and printability.


Test and optimize various substrates and applications in a controlled laboratory environment.


Develop more efficient and productive production processes.


Explore the potential of new or novel materials.


Reduce the likelihood of coating defects, delamination, and other costly errors.

Power Up Your R&D with the DocuDyne

The Features

Free Samples

At QC Electronics, we understand the importance of material verification before committing to purchasing corona treatment equipment. We offer free samples for testing on our lab corona treaters. Our experienced team of engineers will work closely with you to ensure that your materials are treated to meet your exact specifications. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, you can trust us to deliver the highest precision of treatment according to your specific application. Contact us today to learn more about our lab corona treaters and to request your free sample testing.

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our promise

Guaranteed Performance

By guaranteeing surface energies, customers have peace of mind knowing that their materials will adhere properly and consistently. With guaranteed surface energies, QC customers can focus on the next big step in their production process, without worrying about the quality of the surface treatment.

To ensure the highest level of adhesion, QC Electronics employs rigorous testing processes to verify that the adhesive will bond properly with the substrate it is applied to. Our expert team collaborates closely with customers to coordinate adhesion verification, utilizing state-of-the-art testing equipment and techniques to ensure the most accurate and reliable results.

We take pride in offering exceptional customer service, including rapid response times, expert technical support, and ongoing training and education for customers on the use and maintenance of their corona treaters. Consistent, reliable operation is vital in our industry, and we ensure that daily.

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