Plasma Treatment for Adhesive Tape Applications

corona treater with plasma treatment capabilities

Pictured is QC’s plasma treatment system designed for extruded rubber, specifically adhesive tape applications.

Stronger Bonds with Plasma Treatment

In the world of adhesive tape application, achieving a strong and durable bond is critical. The surface preparation of extruded rubber plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal adhesion. QC Electronics is proud to introduce our plasma treatment system designed to raise the surface energy of extruded rubber. The plasma technique creates the perfect foundation for flawless adhesive tape application.

Plasma Treatment vs. Corona Treatment

Corona treatment systems do not have the capability of injecting oxygen or other gases into the electrode assembly. However, plasma treatment systems do. This specific plasma treatment system injects oxygen into the plasma field. By introducing more oxygen molecules into the plasma field, we can expect a more homogeneous and dense discharge. The abundance of ionized oxygen molecules enhances the treatment’s effectiveness. Furthermore, plasma is a great surface treatment technique that can deliver higher surface energies on difficult to treat materials.


plasma treatment system for tape applications


Difficulties of Extruded Rubber Treatment

Treating extruded rubber poses unique challenges due to its specific properties and requirements. One significant difficulty is the lack of tension in the line, making it challenging to apply conventional treatment methods. Additionally, extruded rubber cannot be compressed, especially while still warm, as it may deform the profile. Overheating is also a concern, as it can damage the extrusion’s shape. However, at QC Electronics, we have successfully addressed all these obstacles with our cutting-edge technology. Our plasma treatment system offers a non-contact and non-destructive solution, enabling efficient surface activation without compromising the extrusion’s integrity. With QC Electronics’ expertise, treating extruded rubber is no longer a challenge but a seamless process for superior adhesion and performance.

Superior Adhesion of Adhesive Tape

With increased ionized oxygen molecules, the plasma treater significantly raises the surface energy of the extruded rubber. Hence ensuring the formation of strong molecular bonds between the adhesive tape and the treated rubber surface. This enhances adhesion performance and bond strength.

Benefits of QC’s Plasma Treatment System:

  1. Precision Engineering: We expertly engineer our plasma treatment system to deliver exceptional results, ensuring the highest quality surface preparation.
  2. Optimized Adhesion: Our plasma treater ensures that adhesive tape bonds firmly by uniformly raising the surface energy. Therefore, minimizing the risk of failure and enhancing overall product reliability.
  3. Increased Efficiency: The technology of our plasma treater allows fast processing times and improves production efficiency.
  4. Material Integrity: The process ensures optimal adhesion without compromising the material’s structure.

Overall, our plasma treatment system offers unparalleled performance in raising the surface energy of extruded rubber, ensuring optimal adhesion for your products. Experience the power of plasma treatment and elevate your adhesive tape applications to new heights of performance and reliability. Follow us on LinkedIn for all things corona and plasma treatment.

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