Surface Modification with Corona Treatment

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When we want to stick two things together, sometimes it can be difficult to get plastic to stick to other materials. To solve this problem, we use a technique called surface modification, which changes the surface of the plastic to make it stick better.

To modify the surface, we can add certain chemicals or create new layers on top of the plastic. This process can also help make the plastic more resistant to things like water and chemicals and improve other properties like friction and heat resistance.

In fact, we often need to modify the surface of plastics before we can use them in manufacturing. It’s estimated that 70% of plastic materials need to be treated in this way before they can be processed.

Corona treatment is a process used in the manufacturing industry to modify the surface of plastic films. It involves using a special type of plasma to change the properties of the material’s surface. This process is done using a corona treater that applies power to the material’s surface. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the specific material used and the intensity of the treatment required. However, there are no limits to the types of materials that can be treated using corona treatment.

The surface is treated with high-speed electrons, and the bonds between the molecules on the surface are broken. This creates oxidized groups and free radicals on the surface, which can help improve its properties.

QC corona treatment equipment is widely used method in the plastic film-, extrusion-, and converting industries, and for good reason. With our equipment, you can achieve the perfect level of treatment for your specific material and application needs, whether you’re looking to increase surface energy, improve adhesion, or enhance other surface characteristics.

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