Our Story

At the heart of QC Electronics lies a remarkable story that exemplifies love, resilience, and determination. The story begins with the meeting of a young Ken Klein and Jeannine Clauson (now Klein). Shortly after finding each other, they formed a bond that would shape their lives forever.

Ken and Jeannine Klein are true believers in the power of hard work and determination. Their belief? Anything is possible with dedication. They not only live by this mantra themselves but also passed it on to their children. For Ken and Jeannine, it’s simple: when you believe in yourself, incredible things become possible. This was a key factor in their success during the next stage of their life:

A pivotal moment, a blessing in disguise, allowed Ken and Jeannine to take the plunge in founding QC Electronics. Ken, driven by belief in himself and a strong will to create something great, dedicated himself to mastering corona treatment technology. With unwavering support from Jeannine, they worked side by side to turn their dream into reality. They poured everything they had into starting QC Electronics, both working multiple jobs, investing every penny back into the company. Despite facing numerous challenges, they persevered, ultimately paving the way for a new book – their own.

In autumn of 1988, QC Electronics was born.

Today, Ken leads QC Electronics with pride as the founder and CEO. As the torch passes to the next generation, they are grateful for the foundation laid by their parents. Carl and Alyxandria Klein lead with the same ideology that QC Electronics was founded with – when you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Together, they are committed to honoring the family legacy while pushing boundaries and creating a lasting impact.

At QC Electronics, our story is a testament to the power of love, perseverance, and the belief that anything is possible. Join us as we continue to grow, driven by family values and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

QC Electronics Founders, Ken and Jeannine Klein

Our founders

They both proclaim without God and each other, this story would not have been possible.


Years in business

Our mission

We strive to be a company that employees are proud to work for and partners are eager to collaborate with. Our mission is to design and manufacture premium corona treaters that meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and reliability.

Our vision

To redefine industry standards and pave a path for a new generation of surface science.

Masters of Corona Treatment

There is strength and integrity in choosing one area to master in order to offer preeminent quality – our area is corona treatment.

While others dabble in many areas and product offerings, we have mastered one. Our mastery of corona treatment emphasizes our commitment to our customers, and our dedication to greatness, and our ability to innovate like no other.

Our Values


Be original

Originality has long been a key identifier of QC Electronics. This value represents a commitment to stay true to ourselves, our roots, values, and reasons for existence  for the entirety of our journey.

We maintain a creative, collaborative environment where new ideas are encouraged and embraced. We strive to cultivate a collective visionary mindset through encouragement, collaboration, and recognition. 


Focus on your strengths

Focus on mastering the task you’re good at. A great team has many strengths, and many weaknesses. But, when each person brings a strength to match a weakness, you have an unbeatable group.


Provide exceptional value

Our team consistently delivers above-average experiences and meaningful conversations with rapid response times and an emphasis on being in the present moment.

Constant innovation is a core function and habit instilled in all of our people. Through our innovations we are able to provide exceptional value to our customers.


Be genuine

Being genuine is hard to fake. We foster an environment of staying true to ourselves, speaking our minds, and cultivating the confidence to be genuine in all things we do.


Small businesses have unique strengths

Trustworthy, honest, transparent people and products.

We value the satisfaction a small business naturally provides. Talking with real people, forming genuine connections, having human interactions, experiencing excellent service and rapid response times.


Be a good listener

Listen to the industry, the users, and the customers. Take their feedback seriously.


Smell the flowers

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. Celebrate achievements and partnerships, innovations and birthdays.

Generations of Family Leadership

Today, Kenneth’s children are in leadership roles at QC Electronics, continuing his legacy of quality and innovation. As a family-owned and operated business, we take great pride in our company and the values that we uphold.

In addition, our leadership team includes other members of the Klein family, who share our founder’s vision and commitment to excellence. We believe that our family-centered approach to business allows us to provide a level of personalized service and attention to detail that is unmatched in the industry.

At QC Electronics, we are proud of our family legacy and the values that have guided us since our inception. We are committed to delivering the best possible solutions to our customers and to upholding the high standards that our founder set for us. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on new products and announcements.