Seamless Press Integration for Narrow Web Processes

narrow web process for web printing

QC Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of corona treatment equipment.  Our corona treaters are used for the surface treatment of papers, films, and foils to increase surface energy thus improving adhesion of inks, glue, lacquers, and coatings.

Seamless Press Integration for Narrow Web Processes

In this blog post, we will be highlighting our narrow web system.  The exciting thing about our narrow web system is that it has the versatility to not only integrate but also communicate with any press.  With QC’s 4E narrow web unit, customization is standard. QC has the capabilities to custom design and manufacture any type of mounting bracket that your equipment requires.  We have developed a lot of experience integrating onto Mark Andy presses and others throughout our 32 years of business. The 4E can also be programmed to communicate with your existing press, allowing a simpler, more seamless process.

The 4E is touchscreen controlled; the touchscreen’s capabilities make the unit very user-friendly with autonomous watt density control and troubleshooting all within the touchscreen. This system delivers high power to a compact area allowing customers to run high power densities at fast line speeds.

In terms of maintenance, the 4E is the industry’s only swinging electrode assembly system.  This allows for easy threading and cleaning.  A swinging assembly allows maintenance to be performed on-line in minutes.  The assembly swings away from the web protecting the electrodes from splices and obstructions.  The narrow web treater comes in variable options: web mount, stand alone and portable designs.

Consultation for Press Integration

Our team of experts will consult with you to ensure you install a system perfectly suited for your application’s needs. We know what it takes to make a printing process more profitable and we care about our customers’ success.  Contact to get started today.

Corona Treatment Sample Services

If you are still in the product development stage, QC can help. Before you start shopping for corona treaters, consider an analysis by QC to determine the best treatment and power levels for your material.  We possess the industry’s most sought after material analysis equipment to provide complete product analysis and the expertise to understand that analysis and provide recommendations.

Dyne testing is an easy way to measure wettability, but in 2021 times have changed and what we know about surface treatment has too.  The most accurate way to analyze a surface for wetting and proper adhesion is via contact angle measurement.  In 2021, QC has invested heavily in its corona treatment lab.  One exciting feature is a brand-new contact angle measurement device.  Send QC samples of your material and the consulting team will provide a complete analysis of the material with recommendations.  A QC representative will review the results with the customer directly and provide advice specific to the customer’s application.

QC’s laboratory corona treater, the DocuDyne, was designed specifically for corona treating samples in a lab setting.  For more information on the DocuDyne, contact

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