Benefits of Laboratory Corona Treaters

Explore the benefits of using a QC lab corona treater for research and development. With consistent and repeatable results, precision controls, and increased efficiency, QC lab corona treaters are transforming the way businesses approach surface treatment in R&D settings.

Docu-dyne for r&d

The Docu-Dyne is a lab corona treater designed specifically for research and development applications. This innovative tool allows businesses to uniformly corona treat a wide range of substrates in a lab setting. The compact design of the Docu-Dyne makes it ideal for laboratory settings, providing a reliable and efficient solution for R&D professionals looking to enhance their product development capabilities.

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vacuum table for r&d

QC’s vacuum table corona treater is an ideal solution for businesses engaged in research and development. This specialized corona treater creates a vacuum seal between the substrate and the treater, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Businesses are able to conduct in-depth testing and research to ensure their products meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

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