Dyne Testing Procedure

how to use dyne solution to measure the wettability of your material for printing processes

Follow this procedure to ensure successful dyne testing when treating to improve adhesion of inks, glue, lacquers and coatings on paper, film, and foil.

What you will need:

  • Safety equipment: gloves and safety goggles should be used to ensure no contact is made with skin or eyes
  • Sterile eye-dropper or small cap to place the liquid
  • Cotton swab for application to material

Step by step:

  1. Wet the very tip of the cotton applicator with one of the mixtures using the eye-dropper or sterile cap. Use a minimum amount of liquid as an excess of reagent can effect the end point of the test. This first mixture is our starting point. Do not use the same eye-dropper or cap for all liquids. This will cause contamination. Either sterilize the eye-dropper or cap between mixtures or purchase eye-dropper caps for each solution.
  2. Spread the liquid lightly over an area approximately one inch squared of the test material.  Do not try to cover a large area lest there be insufficient liquid to give complete coverage.
  3. Note the time required for the continuous film of liquid form in step 2 to break up into droplets.
  4. If the solution stays intact for two seconds, the treat level is at least as high as the dyne level of your selected solution.
  5. Repeat the steps above, each time with a higher dyne solution until the solution beads up.
  6. The dyne level would be identified as the last solution level that remains wetted out and intact for two seconds.

QC also offers extensive material analysis via QC’s in-house testing laboratory.  If more information is required for product development purposes (surface tension, surface free energy, wettability diagrams, and more) please contact sales@qcelectronics.com to begin consultation.  Customers receive a detailed analysis of sample materials pre and post treatment.  This service is free of charge.

Questions regarding dyne solution and testing? Contact sales@qcelectronics.com or +1-608-742-1661 for more information. 

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