bare roll corona treater

The Advantage

Built to withstand the demands of continuous production environments, the Advantage delivers long term consistent, reliable performance.

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advantage bare roll corona treater


Nonstop Production

Forget production delays and let this powerhouse perform.


Ultra Reliable

World’s most reliable conventional corona treater.



A corona treater adds value to your products, and opens doors to new ones.



High voltage requires high quality construction materials and techniques.

bare roll corona treater for converting
high performance guarantee

Built to Perform – 24/7 

For the converters who would run 24/8 if they could. Built to power through production at the industry’s fastest line speeds.

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We build the best.

Don’t settle for less.

powerful and reliable

High Density Corona Discharge

A uniform and controlled corona discharge that enables the corona treater to produce consistent and predictable results.

Ceramic Electrodes for Corona Treatment
Proof is in the Power

Highest Rated Ceramic Electrodes

This high-power rating enables the corona treater to operate at higher line speeds while producing more thorough and uniform results.

bare roll corona treater
QC’s signature

Counterweighted Electrode Assemblies

Kill two birds with one stone. Protect your web from breakage and the ceramic electrodes within the assembly. QC customers go 5+ years without replacing ceramic electrodes.

proven longevity

More Production – Less Maintenance

QC customers rarely replace ceramic electrodes even during 24/7 operation. Electrode assemblies are designed for easy access for cleaning and electrode replacements.

Advantage Bare Roll Corona Treater
robust and reliable

Unmatched Durability

QC corona treaters are built to perform in the toughest of environments. Reliable and consistent performance is guaranteed over the long term.

touch panel of corona treater
smart technology

Touch Panel Control

Features like watt density control, field bus communication, recipe programming and automatic air gap adjustment.

coating, laminating, printing


Improving surface energy on substrates like paper, foil, or plastic in the converting process for applications such as coating, laminating, and printing.

Flexible Packaging

Improving adhesion of inks, coatings, and laminates on films used in flexible packaging applications.

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Release Liners

Enhancing the surface energy of release liners for better adhesion of pressure-sensitive labels or tapes.

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meet adhesion regulations

Medical Packaging

Ensuring proper adhesion of labels, coatings, or laminates on medical packaging films to meet regulatory requirements.

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Food Packaging

Treating packaging films to ensure proper adhesion of labels, coatings, or laminates in the food packaging industry.

built for converters

Some benefits

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Unique Corona Discharge

Expertly formulated for above-average results.


Smart Features

Watt density control, recipe programming, operator lockout and more.


Proprietary Tech

Optimized power output, improved performance and reliability.


Humidity Resistance

Designed to remain cool in unforgiving climates.



Requires less maintenance and spare parts than conventional corona treaters.


Environmentally Conscious

Reduce your environmental footprint with QC corona treaters.

field bus connectivity

Fully Compatible with Field Bus Communications

Gather important data with ease.

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bare roll corona treater for converting
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Free Samples

With our state-of-the-art corona treaters and expertise, you can trust that your materials will receive the most fine-tuned results per your application. Contact us today to request samples.

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our promise
Guaranteed Performance


Surface Energy

QC customers have peace of mind knowing that their materials will adhere properly and consistently.



We utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment and techniques to ensure the most accurate and reliable results.



Rapid response times, expert technical support, and ongoing training and education for customers.

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