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ceramic electrodes for any make and model corona treater

QC Electronics proudly possesses the largest ceramic electrode inventory in the world.  Ceramic electrodes are also known as corona treater bars, treater rods, or ceramic rods and bars.  Corona treaters all around the world utilize ceramic electrodes.  QC manufactures hundreds of different corona treater rod configurations for corona treaters around the world, with guaranteed performance.  QC’s extensive electrode inventory consists of any shape or length electrode.  Ceramic electrodes are typically round, square or rectangular.  QC has round electrodes, square electrodes, and rectangular electrodes in stock in any length.  

Ceramic electrodes for any make and model corona treater with just a 3 day lead time.

QC can retrofit any ceramic electrode configuration for any corona treater.  Common corona treaters we supply electrodes for are Vetaphone, Enercon, and Ahlbrandt corona treaters. QC customers can feel like someone has their back when their line goes down.  Forgot to order stock electrodes in case of failure?  Don’t stress.  Call QC and we will have your production line back up and running in a matter of a few days.

All QC electrodes are optimized to allow the highest power output and dyne levels while also lowering maintenance costs.  When ordering new electrodes, ask about our DT+ electrodes to see if you qualify for an upgrade.  We won’t tell you our secret, but there’s a reason why QC treaters perform like no other corona treater in the industry.  Keep your maintenance costs low and your production rate high with QC electrode replacements.

In addition to providing new electrodes, QC also offers electrode reconditioning services.  If your electrodes are simply burned or dirty, don’t throw them away.  Send them to QC and we will recondition them to their brand-new state for a fraction of the cost of buying a new set of ceramic electrodes.

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