Corona Treater Maintenance

sheet format corona treater for improving adhesion quality and print quality

As with any industrial equipment, a good maintenance schedule helps extend the lifespan of the treater and lower the rate of expensive service costs.

A good maintenance schedule includes:

  • Cleaning and lubricating treater rolls. Remove material deposits with a good industrial cleaner.
  • Remove deposits from electrode insulators regularly to prevent buildup of conductive material.
  • Clean station enclosure with a good industrial cleaner to reduce buildup of corrosive materials.
  • Replace or repair bent or worn shafts on rolls.
  • Check rolls and electrodes for pin holing. A pinhole detection device is great for this. It is essentially a handheld corona treater.
  • Lubricate roll bearings regularly. Be sure they turn freely.
  • Open generator cabinet and remove dust from components. This can be done quickly with an air hose.
  • Remove particles and buildup on the generator’s air vents.
  • Follow transformer manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

Buildup of slip and other materials which precipitate out of the web during the corona treating process can become carbonized on the roll, electrode, and insulator surfaces. Because this material is conductive, it can interfere with the electrical efficiency of the treating system or cause high voltage arcs and damage the coating and electrode insulators.

By adding this checklist to your maintenance schedule, you will increase the efficiency and dependability of your corona treaters.

Contact for more information regarding proper corona treater maintenance.

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