Corona Treaters for Web Treatment

QC web corona treatment systems can be installed on webs ranging from 24 inches to 5.5 meters in width. Designs are available for any web width.  Multiple electrode configurations guarantee successful treatment of any substrate.

QC is the only corona treatment equipment supplier that fabricates and manufactures our complete product line in-house.  This allows QC to offer customization and top-quality design at surprisingly low prices. Where others are assemblers, we are full scale manufacturing. Compare the quality and workmanship of a QC Corona Treater against any other and you will understand why QC Electronics has become the leader in reliability.

Corona Treatment Machines | Innovative, simple to use PLC technology calculates output power, watt density, line speed, and more. 

web corona treater for improving adhesion and wettability of surfaces
web corona treater for improving adhesion and wettability of surfaces

Corona Treaters for Wide Webs

Wide web treaters are commonly used in the manufacture of carpet.  When a wide web is necessary for your product due to the size of your product, allow us to answer your questions.  A corona treater this size (up to 5.5 meters wide) can be a daunting task, let our team take some of that stress off your shoulders.  Contact us now to learn more about wide web corona treatment.

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Customization is standard with all QC Electronics corona treatment equipment.  We design according to your application parameters and email the drawing to you for review.  You then have the opportunity to make any changes that you would like to see – web path, operator side, remote transformers, mounting feet, idler rolls, dimensions, etc. 

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