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Corona Treater Maintenance

sheet format corona treater for improving adhesion quality and print quality

As with any industrial equipment, a good maintenance schedule helps extend the lifespan of the treater and lower the rate of expensive service costs. A good maintenance schedule includes: Cleaning and lubricating treater rolls. Remove material deposits with a good industrial cleaner. Remove deposits from electrode insulators regularly to prevent buildup of conductive material. Clean […]

The Truth about Dyne Pens

the truth about dyne pens

Attending industry trade shows has given me a lot of insight into the printing industry and the lack of knowledge in achieving a guaranteed bond. My experience in manufacturing has shown that small errors can lead to excruciating losses. The misunderstanding and mismeasurement of characteristics required for a guaranteed bond is one of those dangerous […]

Basics of Web Corona Treaters

bare roll corona treater for converting

Surface treatment definition: “The modification of the surface to increase surface tensions resulting in better bonds of ink, glues and laminates.” Corona treatment is a web surface preparation process that applies corona discharge to a substrate to raise the surface energy to a compatible level with inks, glues, and lacquers to allow a better bond. […]