Installing New Ceramic Electrodes

If you have corona treater and need to install a new ceramic electrode, follow these tips from QC Electronics to ensure your success.

When installing your new electrodes:

  1. Trim the electrode lead to your desired length.
  2. Make sure the electrode high voltage wires DO NOT touch metal or another control wire.
  3. Make sure the electrode is properly seated in the mounting block.
  4. Re-gap electrodes to 0.060 after installing new electrodes. Use the provided electrode gap gauging tool. If you lost or need a replacement electrode gap gauge for your QC corona treater, contact us and we will send a replacement to you free of charge.
  5. Do not allow electrodes to rub on the roll surface.
  6. Keep ceramic electrodes clean and free of plastic, glue, or other contaminants.
  7. Clean ceramic when/if any of these items are present as they will cause failures.

Additional notes:

Airflow: Behind the electrodes are the cooling holes or slots (depending on the make of the corona treating station). It is very important that these holes remain free and clear of debris and build-up.

DO NOT use nylon screws in electrodes or on the corona treating station. Contact us for special high temperature/high dielectric screws.

If you have any questions concerning this process please feel free to give us a call at (608) 742-1661 or email us at for additional assistance.

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