Ceramic electrodes – replacements for any brand of treater!

Ceramic electrodes are used in many corona treaters. As the world’s largest electrode supplier, we will provide a direct retrofit or a comparable replacement for your existing treater rods.

QC manufactures hundreds of different treater rod configurations for corona treaters around the world. We provide guaranteed performance for:

  • Provide replacements in any shape: Rectangular, Round, Square. In stock and ready to ship!
  • Recondition or repair burned or dirty ceramic treater rods
  • Fabricate any customized piece you would like.Our in-house manufacturing capabilites include CNC mills, lathes, waterjet cutting, welding, painting, sand blasting, bending and more.
  • Retrofit an improved design into your existing corona treating station to provide for higher dyne levels.. The DT+ delivers more power and increased dyne levels. Available for ceramic or metal treating applications. Call for details on your unique requirement.

We also supply mounting brackets, blocks, mounting tabs, shrouding and much more.

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