The DocuDyne: Surface Treatment for Product Development

Our stock laboratory corona treater, the DocuDyne, was designed specifically for corona treating samples in a laboratory setting.  Use the DocuDyne to corona treat all of your test coatings, inks, glues and more.  The small footprint of the DocuDyne allows you to run product development practically anywhere, it conveniently plugs into any 120V outlet.  Test the adhesion of your product and get the results you require before running your line.

The DocuDyne will treat an 8” wide sheet (customization is available to accommodate larger sheets/difficult materials). A 9” wide sheet will pass through the 8” treatment area. This lab model is designed to treat sheets versus a continuous web. The DocuDyne allows you to treat and test various samples / sheets right in your product development lab.  Installation is a breeze; just attach the blower exhaust tube to the unit and plug it in.

The DocuDyne enables you to:

  • Record accurate production power levels and line speeds in a lab environment.
  • Know your watt densities before going to production.
  • Analyze ink and adhesion performance prior to production.
  • Treat conductive and non-conductive substrates off line.

​With the DocuDyne, you no longer need to use your production line for R&D. The DocuDyne is completely self-contained and portable. The standard model includes a variable drive.

Customization is available in all of our units; contact for inquiries regarding customization.

DocuDyne laboratory corona treatment system
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DocuDyne control panel featuring our touch panel control with watt density.
The logo for the DocuDyne lab unit features a metallic swoosh embodying the letters Docu-Dyne
Technician operating the docudyne lab corona treatment unit