Benefits of Corona Treaters in Printing Applications

The benefits of corona treaters in printing applications are many, including improved print quality, longer-lasting prints, and cost-effectiveness.

sheetfed corona treaters for improving print and adhesion quality


Corona treaters are commonly used in sheetfed printing to ensure that the ink adheres correctly to the substrate and produces high-quality prints. The surface energy of the substrate plays a crucial role in determining the adhesion of the ink or coating, and corona treatment increases the surface energy of the substrate, making it more receptive to inks and coatings.


corona treaters for film web printing

Film web printing is a printing process that involves printing on a continuous roll of plastic film or other flexible substrates. This printing process is commonly used in the packaging industry to print on materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, and other plastic films. In film web printing, the surface energy of the substrate is critical for ensuring that the ink or coating adheres correctly to the substrate.

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