Corona Generator Power Supply | outputs from 200 watts to 40.0 kilowatts – compatible with any make or model treater

Harsh environment? High temperature? High humidity?

No problem!

No need for wet start or soft start. The PowerMaster NextGen-I Power Supply from QC Electronics has earned the reputation of a workhorse.

Armed with a proven warranty, a very compact foot print, and quiet operation, it’s a tough act to follow. Many different styles, frequencies, and packages available.

  • On a new line or an existing one, intuitive touch panel control provides all of the data and monitoring that your team requires. 
  • The PowerMaster power supply is available in output power sizes ranging from 200 watts to 40.0 kilowatts – and, it’s modular. Purchase a 2.5 kilowatt unit today, upgrade to 5.0 kilowatt tomorrow. Purchase a 7.5 kilowatt today, upgrade to a 10.0 kilowatt tomorrow. 
  • Many different configurations available.
  • Developed for 24/7 operation, this generator is no lightweight. Trust the PowerMaster to handle your most demanding production runs – every time!


It’s easy to operate and monitor your QC treaters!  QC systems interface with any OEM line. We provide everything you need. 

  • Mount the power supply at the corona treating station or mount it remotely.
  • Operator controls are easy to understand and provide all of the information you need for successful corona treatment. 

Features include: 

  • PLC operated
  • Constant power densities
  • Silent operation
  • Digital pneumatic electrode assembly control
  • Autonomous Watt Density Control with Alarm
  • ​Operator Lockout
  • Software eliminating hardware
  • Contactor for safe start / stop
  • Ability to monitor line speed
  • Displays true output power and watt density
  • On board digital fault log
  • Digital control of power 
  • Control panel can be mounted anywhere using an industrial ethernet cable
  • Standby / ready indictor