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How QC Electronics’ Corona Treaters Solve Common Industry Pain Points

Are you struggling with finding the right corona treater to improve your material’s surface tension? [...]

Metal Surface Treatment

Metal surface treatment is a crucial process that enhances the adhesion, durability, and performance of [...]

Custom Corona Treaters for Unique Applications

Are you struggling to find a corona treater that can handle your unique application or [...]

Surface Modification with Corona Treatment

When we want to stick two things together, sometimes it can be difficult to get [...]

Corona Treating: What is Overtreatment and Plasma Etching?

Overtreatment can be costly to your company and product. It is easily avoided following the [...]

Corona Treater Maintenance

As with any industrial equipment, a good maintenance schedule helps extend the lifespan of the [...]

Dyne Testing Procedure

Follow this procedure to ensure successful dyne testing when treating to improve adhesion of inks, [...]

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