Sheet treaters

QC sheet treaters are easily installed on coaters, laminators, and any type of printing line.  We offer one and two side treat applications.  Our sheet treaters also have a viewing window and customization is standard. 

Our sheet treaters are highly efficient, reliable and simple to operate.  They are completely self-contained.  We also offer stand-alone models that can be incorporated onto automation lines. 

What does stand-alone mean?

A self-contained, stand-alone sheet treater includes a variable drive system.  The stand-alone treater is intended for hand-fed operations.  The sheet is fed through, treated, and then collected.  Various power levels and speeds ensure the correct dyne levels are consistently achieved.  These systems can also be fitted with feeders and stackers for off-line corona treatment.


Automated Technology:

Automated technology is standard in our sheet treaters.  The touch panel allows for easy operation and monitoring of our stations. 
Advantages of the touch panel:

  • Autonomous watt density control:
    • Users enter set watt density and the generator maintains set watt density given any line speed
    • Speed alarm feature if line speed is too fast for set watt density
  • Line speed display
  • True kilowatt output display
  • Maximum line speed displayed for set watt density
  • Minimum speed interlock
  • Motor speed controlled via touch panel
  • System characteristics menu:
    • Roll type, electrode length, system type, treat width
  • Auto/manual start/stop