Corona Treatment for Narrow Web Processes and Press Integration

QC’s 4E corona treatment system treats conductive and non-conductive webs up to 24 inches in width.  No complicated installation – just thread and go.

This treater comes in variable options: Web mount, stand alone and portable designs.

This system allows you to run high power densities at fast line speeds. They have a versatile design with enough power for the fastest line speeds.  We offer mounted and portable designs.

The 4E is the industry’s only swinging electrode assembly system.  This allows for easy threading and cleaning.  A swinging assembly allows maintenance to be performed on-line in minutes.  The assembly swings away from the web protecting the electrodes from splices and obstructions.

4E = 4 Ceramic Electrodes. The 4E is equipped with 4 ceramic electrodes, delivering high power to a compact area.

Portable option

A self-contained 4E narrow web treater can be mounted on a cart to allow portability.  This station is available with or without idler rolls.  It comes equipped with adjustable casters for easy leveling and movement of the treater from line to line.  The station’s blower can be mounted on-cart or remotely.  We offer many configurations – custom or stock units.

Press Integration

QC has the capabilities to custom design and manufacture any type of mounting bracket that your equipment requires.  We have developed a lot of experience integrating onto Mark Andy presses and others throughout our 32 years of business.  Our customers work directly with our engineering team to seamlessly integrate our system onto your printing press.

Touch Panel Control

This unit has the option of touch panel control.  The touch panel allows you to understand your unit and it’s capabilities all in one place.  Contact us today for more information.