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QC bare roll corona treaters are designed to treat both conductive and nonconductive substrates. Bare roll corona treaters are used in printing, laminating, coating, blown film, and cast film applications. They are used in blown film and cast film applications only when lane treating is not required.

The Advantage bare roll corona treatment system is commonly used on printing presses and laminators. The Advantage is often referred to as the work horse of the industry. It has given customers around the world the ability to treat more material, faster, with less power. It was designed for reliable operation even in the harshest of environments. The Advantage is configured to treat conductive and nonconductive webs at any watt density and line speed. It runs from 100 to 200 watts per square inch. It is versatile, reliable, and powerful. Whether you are installing a new line or replacing an old treater, start by installing a more reliable and technologically advanced surface treatment station, the Advantage.

The Advantage’s electrode system gives you additional performance while saving maintenance costs. Anyone with an existing corona treater can upgrade to the Advantage electrode assembly. The electrodes can treat both conductive and nonconductive webs.

web corona treater for improving adhesion and wettability of surfaces
web corona treater for improving adhesion and wettability of surfaces
bare roll corona treater for film conductive and nonconductive materials


Bare roll treaters are one of the most universal being that they can treat both conductive and nonconductive substrates.  Some examples of applications that are using QC bare roll corona treaters converters like printers, coaters, and laminators.  Some extrusion processes also use bare roll corona treaters, but only if they do not require lane treating. 

If lane treating is required, the extruder would need a segmented metal electrode rather than a solid ceramic.  The segments allow the customer to control and adjust the widths of the corona treatment area.  If you require lane treating and are an extruder, please visit our TNT (Touch N’ Treat) corona treatment system.  This technology was patented by QC Electronics, Inc.



QC guarantees a high definition corona field with every corona treater.  This can be defined as a smooth, violet corona field like the one pictured to the left.  The quality of your ‘corona’ directly impacts the quality of your product.  Make sure your corona field is up to your standards when purchasing a corona treater.

high definition bare roll corona treater corona field
corona treater for converting applications to improve print quality and adhesion
bare roll corona treatment system for improving ink quality and print quality